Dental Equipment Maintenance (Check List)

Dental Equipment Maintenance (Check List)


  1. Turn on office water valves.
  2. Turn on vacuum and compressors.
  3. Turn on nitrous oxide and oxygen tanks.
  4. Flush water through handpiece and syringe water lines (on self-contained water systems, fill bottles and flush).
  5. Check sterilizer water or solution levels.
  6. Fill ultrasonic cleaner.


  1. Sterilize and lubricate handpieces, lube prophy angles, contra angles and straight nose cones after every patient.
  2. Disinfect equipment and room after every patient.
  3. Flush handpiece water lines between patients.
  4. Check water level in bottle on self-contained water systems.


  1. For bottled water systems, flush handpieces, syringes, scalers and prophy jet with cleaning solution. Leave solution in system per manufacturer's recommended time. Place empty bottle on system, flush with air and let dry overnight.
  2. Drain ultrasonic tank and clean unit.
  3. Turn off dental units, X-rays, sterilizers, prophy jets, ultrasonic scalers and any miscellaneous equipment.
  4. Clean all vacuum lines and solid collectors in each operatory and flush line with vacuum system cleaning solution.
  5. Turn off water lines to office.
  6. Turn off nitrous supply and oxygen tanks.
  7. Turn off vacuum and compressor.
  8. Turn off office water valve master switch (where available).


  1. Clean solids collector on vacuum pumps.
  2. Check oil level on compressor, if applicable.
  3. Check air moisture indicator on compressor (pink or blue).
  4. Clean sterilizer according to manufacturer's instructions and run a spore test.
  5. Drain water from compressor tank.
  6. Clean dental light according to manufacturer's instructions.
  7. Use a soft cloth only and make sure light is cool before touching.
  8. If your office uses a dual vacuum pump, check each pump individually for proper operation.
  9. Disassemble, clean and lubricate vacuum valves and O-rings on HVEs and SEs.


  1. Check or replace master water filter element in the utility room.
  2. Check or clean plaster trap
  3. Clean and lubricate lab handpiece.
  4. Clean model trimmer.
  5. Clean panoramic/ceph cassettes and intensifying screen with intensifying screen cleaner.
  6. Check rubber goods on analgesia systems (cracks, tears, elc)!
  7. Check controls of emergency oxycen unit and rubber goods for deterioration.
  8. Check water bacteria with test hat/sink syringes, handpleces.elt.
  9. Check filters on lab vacuum system.
  10. Check curing light intensity with light meter


  1. Change oil and air filters on compressor.
  2. Clean water filters and check inches of mercury adjustment on vacuum pumps.
  3. Replace sterilizer door and cassette gaskets along with water and air filters.
  4. Change unit air and water filters.
  5. Air abrasion units - perform maintenance as recommended by manufacturer.
  6. Check or replace amalgam separator and/or cartridge if present.


  1. Calibrate X-ray units and test functions, check for drift, check arms, bushings and pivots.
  2. Check handpiece and vacuum tubings for cracks, splits and stiffness. Also check handpiece gasket and O-rings.


  1. Save all equipment invoices for reference and warranty.
  2. Keep maintenance log (especially for handpiece and equipmentpicked up/sent for repair).
  3. Save copies of all service work orders.
  4. Save booklets, manuals, troubleshooting guides, etc., for all equipment


  1. Handpiece lube and cleaner.
  2. Compressor oil and filters.
  3. Sterilizer cleaner, spare gaskets and filters
  4. Vacuum line cleaner.
  5. Vacuum traps and screens.
  6. Spare chuck/turbine, bur tool for handpieces.
  7. Air/water syringe repair kit.
  8. Spare bulbs (handpiece, curing light, dental lights).
  9. Basic tool set.
  10. Spare handpieces.
  11. Handpiece gaskets and O-rings.
  12. Misc. fittings, connectors, gaskets and O-ring kits.
  13. Replacement amalgam separator or cartridge.

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