The Dental Start Up (Pandemic Timeline)

The Dental Start Up (Pandemic Timeline)
The Dental Startup Timeline

This is an exciting time. You're beginning to start off on your own in the face of a global pandemic. Although, much has been affected we can help you get through the process. Below is a realistic timeline of events for a dental practice startup.

12 Months+ Prior

  • Build a team of qualified partners: dental banker, dental specific CPA, attorney, equipment specialist, distributor representative, real estate broker, consultant, and Interior Designer
  • Begin establishing a vision of the practice you would like to operate. What experiences do you want your patients to have?

12 Months Prior

  • Evaluate your Financial Position and seek bank pre-approval
  • Identify your Goals and Preferences for the Practice
  • Consider a few different areas for your Practice and Run a demographics report for each. Search Annual Average Income, Family members per household, Children etc. is a great resource
  • Tour locations with Real Estate Broker
  • Finalize the selection of a city or community
  • Conduct Preliminary Appraisals of locations

10 Months Prior

  • Finalize the location
  • Negotiate the lease with a dental specific Real Estate Broker and a dental attorney
    Develop a Space Plan and Equipment Layout with your Dental Equipment Specialist and Designer.
  • Open supplier account for equipment. The pandemic impacted supply chains so develop a timeline with equipment specialist and time orders based on recommendations
  • Tour local dental offices to understand layouts, equipment, styles, etc

8 Months Prior

  • Meet with 2 lenders to determine who has the best options, rates and package to suit your needs.
  • Finalize and approve the floor plan with your designer and Dental Equipment Specialist.
  • Obtain estimates with a 2-3 dental contractors. Ask them for advice and ask to see previous projects. Request timelines and proposals on the project.
  • Meet with IT professionals and seek bids (computers, cablling, server, etc)
  • Meet interior designers to discuss aesthetics, finishes, etc and request bids.
  • Finalize the Loan

6 Months Prior

  • Finalize the floor plan and pick finishes with your interior designer.
  • Select your Contractor and have them begin construction.
  • Start to consider Office Policies, hours of operation, research Insurance programs.
  • Establish business checking account and activate business credit card
  • Meet with an IT Professional and discuss timeline for computers/servers. Supply chain affected them as well. Order based on recommendations.
  • Select a Practice Management Software. Many cloud based options can significantly reduce IT hardware needs, decreasing costs.
  • Begin interviewing dental marketing companies
  • Meet with an interior designer to discuss finishes

5 Months Prior

  • Negotiate with insurance companies. Consider a sevice that credentials and negotiates on your behalf
  • Revisit equipment conversation with specialist and ensure orders are placed or planned
  • Start working with a marketing company to build the website and create a rollout plan

4 Months Prior

  • Explore additional software options such as patient communication, practice analytics, and online booking softwares
  • Seek bookkeeping method from CPA
  • Review Phone Systems
  • Create and Launch Website and other Social Media
  • Order small equipment
  • Open an account with a medical gas supplier such as AirGas or Spectrum Gas
  • Seek guidance on first aid and OSHA/HIPAA/CPR. Bill Hollowell from The Shield Group is a great resource:
  • Seek terms on waste management with Patterson Dental at 310-426-3149
  • Monitor dental contractor and marketer's progress

3 Months Prior

  • Apply for a Narcotics license with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Apply for State, County, and City professional licenses as well as a Business Permit.
  • Apply for Federal, State and local tax numbers.
  • Notify state dental board of address and phone number
  • Review requirements for unemployment and workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Order Practice management software, additional softwares, business cards, stationary, prescription pads and office supplies.
  • Determine the number, type of personnel required, and their job descriptions
  • Start hiring early. The pandemic caused shortages and this could take time.
  • Meet with CPA to develop your projected first year business budget.
  • Speak with an insurance professional to determine what is needed and how policies need to be structured.
  • Meet with your Dental Supply Representative and start going through a Supply List of necessary.
  • Complete Applications for Insurance Plans.
  • Monitor Contractor's Progress
  • Launch Marketing Campaign just before two months prior to fill schedules on opening day

2 Months Prior

  • Start recruiting staff members
  • Complete a Fee Schedule and Payment Policies
  • Explore Laboratory options and Pharmacy Options
  • Explore Specialists in your area if you refer out treatment
  • Make Credit Card arrangements
  • Monitor Contractor's progress
  • Review Supply List with Dental Representative and Finalize
  • Register X-ray and laser equipment within 30 days of installation
  • Establish fire extinguisher testing and certification service

1 Month Prior

  • Make sure Contractor completes project and inspect all work.
  • Place Dental Supply Order.
  • Install Equipment and test every component. Seek training by Manufacturer’s representatives on equipment.
  • Hire and train office personnel
  • Arrange for inspection with city or county.
  • Order emergency medical kit and supplies
  • Send Office Opening Announcements out to Friends, Family, Prominent members of community, Dental Specialists and other Local businesses.
  • Train staff on protocols, equipment, and practice management services

Office Opening – Congratulations!

  • Walk through your office and go through all aspects with your IT Professional, Contractor, Dental Equipment Representative and Supply Representative.

After Opening

  • The hard work continues. Meet frequently with your local resources such as your dental consultant and trusted reps for guidance and support
  • Host a grand opening one month out

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