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Get Started With Patterson

Customer Application (Required): Ensure both pages are completed and signed. If you prefer a credit line with Patterson Dental, please submit the social security number. NOTE: This will trigger a credit check. If you prefer not to use a social security, proceed with the Auto Charge Form. Click to download:

Auto Charge Form: Required if not using social security number on the customer application. Provides an option to automatically charge a checking account or credit card. Click to download:

Submit all documents to or text to 714-560-3472

Patterson Order Form

This is an order form with item codes. Feel free to input quantities for a quote and send the file to Note: The items highlighted in green have promotions attached to them. We can work together to create a plan that works best for your budget and needs. Click to download:

If you need help with online ordering, tracking shipments, locating invoices, and paying statements please visit the Patterson Dental Website User Guide.

Equipment Evaluations

We can evaluate the existing equipment to determine its health, creating a roadmap and budget for potential replacement down the road. If pursing the de novo startup route we can connect you to colleagues who can provide financing, find great spaces in geographies of your choosing, create office designs, and all areas of the buildout process. Please visit the Practice Startup Checklist (Pandemic Timeline) for a detailed guide and reach out with any questions.

If purchasing an existing dental practice or looking to start up a new practice please contact Ben Holguin at 714-560-3472 or